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“Start Low and Go Slow” with Supplements for Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

Some people experiencing adrenal fatigue may notice that they feel a little worse after beginning a dietary supplement program designed for stress and adrenal support. This can feel like a cold or flu that never quite comes to fruition, achiness or being “slightly under the weather.”

There are several reasons this can happen specifically when introducing high quality adrenal supplements. During both stress and adrenal fatigue some of the physiological processes modulated by adrenal hormones slow down, including immune function, detoxification and elimination of waste. When the supplements start supporting the adrenal glands and adrenal hormone production, these processes pick up again. It is the new spurt of detoxification and immune activity, not the supplements themselves, that produces the feelings of unwellness.

With enhanced adrenal function, the liver initially has to work harder to get rid of toxins that have built up throughout the body during the period of adrenal fatigue and stress. This means that the toxins are released from the cells and sent to the liver to be degraded and/or eliminated. Both the release of the toxins and the increased liver activity can create temporary aches, malaise and toxic symptoms.

As the immune system gets the signal to increase activity from the adrenal hormone, cortisol, it sends out white blood cells to find and eliminate any lurking pathogens (viruses, bacteria, aberrant cells and other harmful organisms) that have taken hold during the period of adrenal fatigue, stress and lower immune function. Just as during an illness, it is primarily the biochemical actions of the white blood cells that produce the symptoms of sickness. Hence, during the initial phase of adrenal support, the renewed immune activity can create temporary flu or cold-like symptoms and a low grade fever.

Therefore, temporarily feeling worse at the beginning of the adrenal supplement program may be a good indication that the adrenal support is effective. This typically happens the first time the supplements are used consistently and should only last about two to three weeks. During this period, continue to take the recommended dosage and make sure to drink a lot of water to promote healthy adrenal, immune and liver function, as well as facilitate elimination of toxins.

Start Low and Go Slow
Because it is often most beneficial to allow the body to slowly adjust to new chemistry, Dr. Wilson suggests the motto “Start Low and Go Slow” to those beginning an adrenal supplement program. Begin with a low dosage and increase the daily amount slowly over a period of time.

To assess how the new supplement may affect you, begin at the lowest recommended dose for a week and see how you feel. If you’re doing fine with that amount, increase your daily dosage by one supplement and maintain that level for another week. Continue on like this, assessing your tolerance weekly, until you reach the recommended daily dosage.

Depending upon the impact stress and adrenal fatigue have had, it can take anywhere from six months to over two years of consistently following an adrenal fatigue program to fully achieve optimal results. However, a successful outcome is both possible and probable, and during this whole recovery period there should be relatively steady progress, especially after the first month or two.

Although many people quickly experience an increased sense of wellness with the initial intake of dietary supplements, it is important to continue for as long as needed with a dedicated program that includes a combination of:

  • Healthy lifestyle modifications
  • Proper nutrition
  • Correct dietary supplements
  • Moderate physical exercise and daily movement


“Start Low and Go Slow” and you will get there.

Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

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169 Responses to “Start Low and Go Slow” with Supplements for Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

  1. E. Galbraith says:

    Thank you so much for your book and website and this article. I have been suffering for years after having cancer and finally your book helped me realize the problem even though I had been suspicious of this for quite some time. I was given a isocort a supplement for adrenals and got extremely fatigued, the naturopath said that was impossible, I knew it was true and discontinued, not knowing what you have just indicated above re the detox process starting up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work!

    • Sam says:

      Taking isocort, or hydrocortisone in its pure form, does NOT always help symptoms. It depends what stage of adrenal fatigue you’re at. I tried taking isocort and it made me suicidal almost, but what I didn’t know (at the time) was my DHEA-S was already at the bottom of the scale, and was likely made worse by taking isocort. Remember, taking hydrocortisone will lead to a slowing down of DHEA, Progesterone, etc, not just cortisol. I tried supplementing with DHEA and Isocort at the same time, but the DHEA just ramped my estrogen levels up. My advice to people with adrenal problems is to follow the excellent nutritional programme outlined by Dr James Wilson, then when things start to improve, look into hormonal supplementation. Hormonal supplemention without proper nutrition isn’t likely to improve much cellular function anyway.

  2. T says:

    This explains perfectly why I felt even worse for the first 3 weeks of my treatment. I’m moving into my 5th week of recovery/healing and I’ve noticed a slight easing up of these symptoms. I’ve also read that detox will take a long time with longer periods of wellness in between these symptoms. Thank you for this peace of mind!

  3. After treating over 1500 patients on this outstanding program, I have found that the percentage who react is only minor. If the patient takes Squeaky Clean and Inner Healing for two weeks prior to taking the Adrenal Fatigue Program, it can make a big difference.

    As Dr. Wilson recommends, plenty of good fresh food and water, a good dose of common sense and the appropriate lifestyle changes will mean a great recovery from adrenal fatigue!

    Kind Regards from New Zealand,

    Eric Bakker ND

    • Tania says:

      I’m wondering if there is any danger of any of the adrenal supplements stimulating my immune system such that it triggers a flare up of the rheumatoid arthritis I have.

  4. Sandra says:

    I have been taking the Adrenal xp and the support for the thyrode gland for two years I feel normal and very good on the suppliments but I thought after 1 1/2 I could start to cut down but my sinptemes comme back . My question is should I be taking a defferent suppliments I see you have lost to offer.On a defferent note THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for your product nothing els worked I now know why I was not feeling good.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      We are so glad you’re feeling better! Every person’s body and chemistry is different. Dr Wilson says that generally, less severe patients can start to wean themselves off of the products after two years. However, if you are still experiencing a large amount of stress in your life, or if your adrenal glands were severely depleted, it may take longer. The supplements should be slowly decreased over a six month period, especially the Adrenal Rebuilder. This gives your body a chance to adapt to the change in your regimen. Thank you for your comment and best of luck to you!

  5. Marie says:

    This explains my experience with cortef. My doctor said my cortisol levels were “as low as you can get” and put me on 5 mg. cortef twice a day. I was already taking adrenal stress end at that point. I ended up sleeping every day for a month, but eventually pulled out of it. I still get flare ups of adrenal fatigue under stress, but I’ve regained functionality. Thanks for the info.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Marie-
      Can you please tell me, are you saying that the cortef caused you to sleep all the time as you say? Each time I’ve taken cortef, I felt I could sleep all day. But my DHEA is also very low, so I’m wondering if the cortef is counteracting the dhea and I should just keep taking it. I hate the idea of taking something that makes me feel even more tired than I was- it doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Andriana says:

        I don’t know if this helps, but when I began taking 15-20 mg of cortisol a day about 4 months ago (spread into 3-4 doses) I felt very sleepy for a like 2 weeks – I didn’t feel bad per we, like my usual fatigue sy,proms make me feel, just sleepy. I decided to keep with it because my testing showed my cortisol levels were indeed low. After a couple weeks, the sleepiness went away and it has definitely improved my functioning level in a day to day basis. Now I’m trying to address my dhea because I didn’t realize at the ti,e I had the cortisol and dhea test at the same time that my dhea is compltely our of the reference range its so low.

        • Siffle says:

          I gelt just like this with cortef: I just wanted to sleep for days, after a few months I stopped the stuff. My doc told me I should have felt more energy not less so i stopped probably after three months..

          Do you feel like the great energy they say you should get on cortef yet?

  6. Diana says:

    I am one to go full steam a head and that is a problem when it comes to supplementation and dosages. I did over due the vitamin c and eventually made my adrenal fatigue worse. Not knowing that I was doing any harm, I eventually figured it out when I read your book. Thank you!

  7. Teresa Brown says:

    Plese help me! I believe my husband may be suffering with adrenal fatigue…He lost both parents within 10 days of each other along with other stressors inthe past year. A few months ago he began having tremors off and on throughout the day. HE says tht something “isn’t right” and that his stomach feels funny. Sometimes the tremors improve with eating. We have been to our family Dr. , a neurologist, and a cardiologist…all just want to throw drugs at him. Could the tremors be caused by adrenal fatigue? Perhaps low blood sugar or something????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      The tremors could definitely be related to adrenal fatigue. One suggestion is to use the “Find a Healthcare Practitioner” function at our adrenal fatigue website. http://www.adrenalfatigue.org
      We are so sorry to hear that your family has been through such a tough time. Good luck, let us know how things go.

  8. Holly says:

    With regards to this blog segment, what supplements are being referred to? My doctor just put me on hydrocortisol (low, low dose of 10 mg), but I don’t consider that a supplement because it’s man made. Is there an option for supplementation that is natural? Where do I find that on this site? Thank you so much for the help! My doctor referred me to Dr. Wilson’s book & this site, so comforting!

  9. Andrea Ryan says:

    I’ve been taking the super adrenal stress formula for 3 days and I also started a new hormone treatment plan. I’m using progesterone creme, estriol cream, and testosterone cream. DHEA pills, vitamin 3 drops-I feel like I’m taking pills constantly. I contracted a urinary tract infection immediately and now I am getting stuffy. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Please tell me this will pass.

  10. Kristie says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say this is an interesting and informative blog post. I stumbled onto your blog while searching for information on-line to help a client. You’ve got a lot of good content on this site. Thanks for sharing- Kristie.

  11. Great article. I did notice a sluggish feeling when I started Dr. Wilson’s Supplements, but after about 3 days, I started feeling fantastic. His book is really good, and I suggest if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, you get it and apply the knowledge. I will change your life!

  12. Debi says:

    I do not know what combining fat, protein and complex carbohydrates is, can you give specific examples of this or direct me where I can find this information?
    Thank you

  13. Gail says:

    Can adrenal rebuilder with porcine glandular cause weight gain

    And can it keep you awake a night

    Thank you. Gail

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      No, weight gain comes from irregular cortisol levels/poor diet/lifestyle/high levels of stress. Adrenal Rebuilder should not cause any irregularity in your sleep pattern. Make sure you try it for two weeks to give your body a chance to adjust. Everyone is different, please let us know if we can answer any other questions.

    • Kerrie says:

      Hi Gail
      I was wondering the same as I seem to have put weight on over the last two years since taking the supplements. I can advise that I’ve had success with my energy levels, but as I’ve recently stopped taking the supplements (to see If I still need them), I’ve noticed my weight is going down.???

  14. roberto says:

    This is a very common problem, i am glad i can find much mor einfo in english than in my language..

  15. kelli says:

    Very frustrated, just read Dr. Wilson’s article and other’s who are going thru adrenal fatigue. I have Hashimoto’s and am currently taking Levothyroxine and armour. My doctor started me on adrenal support supplements and I am experiencing difficulty with sleep. (This the second supplement we are trying) I wake up several times during the night. Is this part of the detoxing process, or am I just too sensitive…. I don’t convert T3 from T4, this is why I am on Armour with Levothyroxine. I was told this is because my adrenals need to be corrected. The detoxing mentioned in this article is very interesting to me and just wondering if this is just a temporary side effect.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I was given a cortisol challenge test at 11am and tested at 1pm It was 6.5 at 11am and 20.6 by 1pm. But about 15 minutes about the shot I passed out and don’t remember much more than being taken to a bed and people working on me. Was passing out a sign of anything? Should there have been anything more to the test? I was expecting another “draw”. Wouldn’t one more have given more information?

  17. Does your body type or muscular biuild play a part in the amount of time it takes to kick in? Because like myself I know there are lots of experienced guys in the gym that will want results ALOT faster.. does that help.. I would love to completly avoid muscle fatigue all together .. muscle fatigue can be annoying whenever you need that last push.. so does the adrenaline usb go away

  18. Louise says:

    Is it safe to take supplements for adrenal fatigue when pregnant?

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      The adrenal products are all safe to take while pregnant with the exception of Herbal Adrenal Stress Formula and Herbal HPA. These two products contain the herb Ashwagandha, which is great for adrenal fatigue, but not recommended for pregnant women. As always, consult with your physician before starting any new supplements or medications.

      • Christy Wahl says:

        What about nursing an infant? Is the Super Adrenal Stress Formula safe to take while nursing?

        • Hi Christy,

          We like to defer to one’s healthcare practitioner to make the final call, especially if additional vitamins and supplements are being taken as well. Our general recommendation for pregnant or nursing women is a minimal daily amount–like 1 caplet per day. Hope this helps–thanks for your question!

  19. charlotte nichols says:

    wow, I am so happy to stumble on this site. I am 58, my son has had cancer 7 times since the age of 9 and now he lives on the streets as an alcoholic and drug addict. I lived in a hideous marriage for 25 years after 20 years of hell in my family home. In the past 3 years I have lost my best friend of 45 years to a sudden heart attack, my brother hung himself, I lost a business, my home and I have been going thru the never ending process of of menopause. Hot flashes every 10 minutes, sleepless nights, aching joints and severe depression. I have been so sick I can’t even begin to hunt for a job. I am so tired I can’t get through any day without wanting to lay down and sleep. If I had more energy I would consider jumping off the bay bridge. My doctors always dismiss me as a depressed old woman and try to cram antidepressants down my throat which I refuse to do. I have been taking bio identical hormomes for a year now. They helped me for a while, but now the hot flashes and joint pain has returned and my pharmacist won’t increase my estrogen. I can’t wait to get this book….thank you for letting me know I’m not just nuts……

  20. Eddie G. says:

    I ordered the Dr. Wilson’s book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, and can’t wait to get it. Based on the research I have done I am 99.99 percent sure I have adrenal fatigue syndrome. Should I get that Saliva test now or wait until after reading the book? I want to make sure I get the supplements I need in the right amounts. I have already started on Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium Glycinate, and B Complex daily. Eating more veggies, hardly any bread or flour products. I gave up coffee 2 months ago after drinking it for 40 years. No Sodas either. Only purified water and herbal teas. Any comments are appreciated.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Eddie,

      You can get the saliva test before or after: whichever you are most comfortable with. The book is a good place to start, and it has the adrenal fatigue questionnaire developed by Dr. James Wilson that can help help see if you would fall into the mild, moderate or severe protocol. It would not be necessary to take a salivary hormone test before taking the supplements, though if you are not sure if you are affected by adrenal fatigue, or if you feel it could be quite severe, it may be best to do the test and talk over the results with a healthcare professional. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  21. Eddie G. says:

    I have no trouble falling asleep but I always seem to wakeup at 2 or 3 am. I will eventually fall asleep, but it usually takes me an hour or so before I get sleepy again. I’ve noticed that my heartbeat is elevated when I wake up. I am also startled easily. When I am working on something at work and someone unexpectedly calls out my name I get startled. Even a sudden loud noise does that to me. Anyone have any tips on how to handle these situations. Any comments are appreciated.

    • Susan says:

      HI Eddie! Do you have a snack before you go to bed? I’ve read that many adrenal patients have low blood sugar during the night and this is your body’s way of saying wake up and feed me. I too, used to think I had a rapid heartbeat when my adrenal problems started, but after going to the doctor several times and being told my heartrate was fine, I did some research and found out that it is our adrenals pounding that makes us feel that way. Usually deep breathing for several minutes will get them to settle back down. And oh brother, can I relate to the being startled thing. Magnesium is helping that for me. Email me if you want, I’ve done a lot of research and may be able to help you out a bit!
      sdhm five six five at aol dot com. Be sure and put adrenal eddie in the subject box so I know it is you!

  22. Greg says:

    I have been on the program for about 5 months now, I was just wondering are all the levels of the minerals in the super adrenal stress formula safe to keep taking? I have been on the moderate program so thats 5 tablets a day of the formula. I had been told that some of the levels of the minerals were quite high and could be toxic (such as the manganese etc) but not sure if this is correct or not. Would love to hear back,

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Greg,

      The levels of vitamins and minerals in the Super Adrenal Stress Formula are completely safe, regardless of what protocol you are following. Hope this helps! You can also email any product questions to customerservice@drwilsons.com or speak to our customer service department at 800-357-5027. Thanks!

  23. olga says:

    I am currently trying to decide whether to follow Dr. Lam’s protocol or just follow Dr. James and his book. Dr. Lam seems to go with things like Liponano C, Liponano Glutathione, Pandrenal, Quantamax, C Support etc. Some of these sound scary to me as I am very sensitive to supplements and need to know what I am taking an start slowly. The truth is I am so so confused about what to do. I am a cancer survivor and am currently doing a natural treatment that is hard on the adrenals. I need to do it regularly to keep the cancer at bay so I know i need to get my adrenals in better shape. I have symptoms of AF such as bad hypoglycemia, startle easily, sleep disturbance, very low energy late afternoon, it’s scary …I almost passed out once at the mall. Can your program help me????? I am so desperate and confused

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Olga,

      For adrenal fatigue support, Dr. Wilson recommends the four supplements found in his Adrenal Fatigue Quartet. More information on the four supplements included in this program, including full ingredient facts, can be found here: http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/all-products-1/adrenal-quartet.
      You may also want to start by reading his book, which is a great resource for information on the effects of stress on the body, including adrenal fatigue. It also provides information on diet and lifestyle changes that can help support adrenal health. The book is available directly through us on our website, and is also available on Amazon, through Barnes and Noble, and may also be available at your local library.
      Another resource you may find valuable is Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue questionnaire, which you can now take on our website here: http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/take-the-adrenal-fatigue-quiz.
      Hope this helps – feel free to call our customer service team at 800-357-5027 with any supplement questions. Thanks for your question, and best of luck!

  24. parvati says:

    I have 2 comments and one question:
    I found the above article to be very helpful and think that there should be a link to it (or the information should be incorporated) on the web page indicating dosages – http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/program-for-adrenal-fatigue-stress I was getting concerned because I felt so sick after beginning the new supplement but now I believe that I was just detoxing and have adjusted the dosage (at least temporarily) so that the process won’t be so grueling.
    On the same page, it would be helpful to indicate that pills can be cut in half, chewed or whatever you think appropriate because I felt overwhelmed when I opened the ‘Rebuilder’ and saw the size of the pills. (I called and was given helpful advice.)
    Lastly, have there been any problems for vegetarians (but not vegan) taking the Rebuilder? I’m experiencing a mild aversion to it but at the same time recognize that I’m an animal too!

    Many thanks – the website (and book) are excellent resources. I’d almost given up hope of ever feeling better and didn’t know what to do next. Now, at least I feel I’m going in the right direction. Last night I had a dream (will spare you the details) but it indicated that detoxification was taking place and that it is a safe and healing process.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Parvati,

      Thanks for the input – we’ll see what we can do! There are no vegetarian-specific aversions to the Adrenal Rebuilder; however, if one has a pork allergy, it could be cause for an allergic reaction to the supplement. Thanks again for your feedback, and if you have any further questions please give us a call.

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  25. Jackie says:

    Will the adrenal rebuilder cause adrenaline rushes?

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Jackie,

      The Adrenal Rebuilder is formulated to be hormone-free, so it should not cause an adrenaline rush or other form of stimulation. Thanks for your question – hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  26. rosanne says:

    I have been taking dr. Wilsons supplements for almost a year. However symptoms return and then ease up again. Is this normal? Should i increase dosage when i feel worse? Is all over body pain ie. Skin,muscle and joint pain a symptom of high or low cortisol? This symptom never disapears,just increases or decreases in intensity. I have had two saliva tests 6months apart and one was low and other high. Would you recommend other supplements with this program ie. 5htp,
    l – tyrosine, phosphatidyl serine, and dhea.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Rosanne,

      It is common for people to feel worse before feeling better, especially when starting the supplements. You can find more about this in an earlier blog post. How many are you taking daily? You may be able to increase the daily amount; the maximum, the protocol for severe adrenal fatigue, can be found here. You could also be experiencing a compounding issue along with adrenal fatigue, i.e. thyroid issues, so it’s hard to say what is causing those symptoms. There are side effects unique to both low and high cortisol. If you are not already, you may want to link up with a healthcare practitioner who can help with test results and symptom management. Best of luck – hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  27. Kate says:

    So glad I stumbled upon this site. It’s great to know that I’m not alone in my adrenal fatigue battle. I have read dr Wilson’s book and have been taking all the supplements since August (herbal support only until mid nov) along with making the lifestyle changes recommended in the book. I definately noticed an improvement in my health up until mid December when I started having bad days on and off, as well as really bad Pms. I probably let my diet slip a little in December, and had the occasional half strength coffee and wine spritzer, but overall I’ve stuck to the diet. I was wondering if this is just result of my diet or if maybe I should increase my dosage from moderate to high, and begin the herbal support again?

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Kate,

      It’s hard to say for sure, but the slips in diet could be a factor. Although there are side effects and symptoms that tie sufferers of adrenal fatigue together, everyone experiences it differently. Foods and drinks that can have a negative effect on adrenal performance will have a varying effect on each of us. Have you experienced any additional stress/stressor(s) recently? This could also be a contributing factor. Herbal Adrenal Support Formula can help with sleep disruptions, but is beneficial to take throughout the day alongside the other supplements. In times of heightened stress, you can adjust your daily dosage to the severe protocol. You may also want to check out Dr. Wilson’s protocols for stress. Hope this helps – thank you for your comment and question, and best of luck!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  28. Nicole L says:


    I am about to order the adrenal fatigue quartet, but I was wondering if I can take natural progesterone cream in addition or will this affect things negatively. I am also trying to conceive.


    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Nicole,

      As far as the adrenal quartet goes, here are suggestions for a pregnant or nursing woman: Adrenal Rebuilder take as usual, Adrenal C and Super Adrenal Stress Formula 1-2 max daily, and no Herbal Adrenal Support Formula. As far as the progesterone cream goes, you should be able to take the quartet along with, but it would be best to double check with your practitioner about its use (with the quartet and while pregnant/nursing). Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  29. Parvin says:

    I’ve been using the Adrenal Quartet about 40 days now, overal I’m happy with the result as it helped with my sever morning headaches/fatigue very much so first of all thank you very much ! HOWEVER since I use Adrenal rebuilder from time to time I feel some kind of strain or heavieness on my chest/heart specially when I get tired (is it because of inositol?), I’m 53 and I’ve already done many heart tests and have never had any heart issue so far.
    first I thought it could be because of the Cipralex 10 (serotonine) I’m taking so I had my doctor to change it to Wellbutrin100 (dopamin) , maybe a little better now but still due to this chest strain I can’t use more than 2 Adrenal-Rebuilder per day although according to your questioner (and also my feeling about my case) I have sever AF and I’m supposed to use up to 6 perday.
    FYI, also I’m taking desicated natural Thyroid (30 mg) every day for my Hypothyroid.
    - Any idea what causes this chest issue? (when I stop Adrenal Rebuilder this chest strain is gone too)
    – How slow I should increase my dose?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Parvin,

      Great to hear that the Adrenal Quartet has been helping. As for the side effect: the Adrenal Rebuilder shouldn’t cause any kind of chest strain or pain. The typical adverse reaction to the Adrenal Rebuilder would be an allergic reaction, either to the porcine glandulars or the trace ingredients, including inulin. Some people have to customize the protocol to fit their own needs. For example: someone who scored on the severe range on the adrenal fatigue questionnaire might only need a few caplets a day, which is the amount for the mild protocol. “Start low and go slow” is a good motto to follow; you can start with the mild protocol (or even less) and add 1 per week until you feel you’re at the optimal amount. Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  30. Jacy says:

    I have chronic lyme disease and have had symptoms of adrenal fatigue for years but never treated them. They became worse over the summer of 2011. Back in October after a bad viral infection, no sleep and a lot of stress, I also developed constant vertigo.
    All of my testing came back normal – inner ears are normal and the docs had no clue what was wrong.
    I was getting somewhat better in early February only to get another viral infection and now feel worse with the vertigo.
    My cortisol is very low. My DHEA and testosterone are super low. The doc said that maybe adrenal fatigue is causing the vertigo.
    I ordered Dr. Wilson’s supplements and should get them this week. I also ordered his book.
    Have you ever heard of this symptom associated with adrenal fatigue?

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Jacy,

      It’s difficult to say for certain that adrenal fatigue is causing the vertigo, though dizziness is a common complaint (sometimes due to hypoglycemia, which can manifest from adrenal fatigue). If the side effect does stem from adrenal fatigue, supporting the adrenals should help alleviate the vertigo. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  31. Parvin says:

    Adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid is kind of running in our family for females, after the very good result I get from your products ( Adrenal Quartet) I was wondering if it’s really safe if my mom (who is 74 years old) use them too , she is always fatigue with most adrenal fatigue symptoms. she is currently taking medication for depression, hypertention and high cholestrol but overall healthy for her age .
    Thanks a lot.

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Parvin,

      Thank you for your question. I’m very happy to hear you had good results with the Adrenal Quartet. As for your mother: the Adrenal Quartet is safe for people of that age. They are safe to take with most all medications, but to be completely certain we suggest consulting with your practitioner. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  32. Laurie Arnold says:

    I have had several viral- like infections since starting the rebuilder. Is there any chance of the pills being contaminated with live viruses or other things from glands of animals?? I am on my 4th week—-3-4 pills a day.
    thank you——

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Laurie,

      We have very high quality control processes for our products, especially the Adrenal Rebuilder. We deal with only cGMP approved manufacturers, and each batch of glandulars is tested for impurities and toxins multiple times before and after inclusion in the supplement. There could be something else going in that should be checked out. If you have any further concerns about the Adrenal Rebuilder, our customer service team at 800-357-5027 are happy to help. Hope this helps – best of luck!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  33. Parvin says:

    As mentioned already I was vey happy with your “quartet” products but ten days ago when I bought a new set I noticed the Adrenal Rebuilder colour is different (much lighter) and although I was told nothing was actually changed but after ten days using I now can easiely say this Adrenal Rebuilder is not the same as before, as my mood and energy is much lower than before.
    Any idea what was changed and why ? is the Adrenal Rebuilder going to be the same as before again?

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Parvin,

      The ingredients in the Adrenal Rebuilder have not changed, though there has been a change in the appearance. We experience slight color variations in almost all our supplements, which can be expected when using natural ingredients. The source of the glandular extracts has changed (Denmark), which has affected the color of the overall product. The means of processing the Adrenal Rebuilder has also changed, which has also had an effect on appearance. Every lot is tested for quality control, and can assure that any change made to the supplements are to further improve efficacy. We hope this helps – if you have further questions about the Adrenal Rebuilder please feel free to contact our customer service team toll-free at 800-357-5027. Thank you!

      The Adrenalfatigue.org Team

  34. Sinead says:

    I am forever grateful for the work and writings of Dr Wilson. I have used the Adrenal Rebuilder on and off over a year, due to ongoing stresses, house move, country moves, pregnancy, the continuous broken sleep associated with young children, partners unemployment… Saliva tests confirmed what the symptoms were telling me. However a month ago I ran out of the rebuilder and quite abruptly went from taking 4 caplets a day to none, resulting in the first time in ages that I was really sick. Fatigued beyond belief, and aching all over. Was this the result of my not weaning myself off, and my body not having the chance to readjust itself. However it did shed light on another health issue. I’m aware of the oddity of this question but would genuinely benefit from an snswer. I suffer from a bladder prolapse, and this condition improved significantly whilst not taking the rebuilder, and subsequently worsened when I started to take the rebuilder, and as I increased the dose. I am now taking only one caplet a day and this appears to be keeping my prolapse more comfortably. Am I imagining this or is the hormonsl effect of the rebuilder having an effect on my estrogen levels, contributing to more greater elacticity? Is there any connection between the two? If so, are there other supplements that would support my adrenals whilst not compromising my prolspse? Any suggestions are very welcome, and for which I would be very grateful.

  35. Mary Mc Kenna says:

    Hi, took your questionnaire on line and scored severe… I have been under stress for the past six months and not coping very well. I had a similar situation about four years ago and this has resulted in me being on 75 mg eltroxin since. Can I take your supplements without a consultation or should I see a practitioner since I am taking eltroxin, Mary

    • adrenalfatigue says:

      Hi Mary,

      You don’t need a prescription or recommendation by a practitioner to take our supplements. However, if you’re taking prescription medications, it’s good to show them to your practitioner to be safe. Our supplements use natural ingredients and can be taken with most things. Hope this helps – thanks for your question!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  36. Parvin says:

    Adrenal-Rebuilder can really help me with my symptoms and energy very much but unfortunately I always have to keep my dose to minimum (1 every other day) . I’m still getting chest pain even if I take 1 Adrenal-Rebuilder every day. Recently I noticed Adrenal-Rebuilder has some calcium stuff in it (how much ? it doesn’t say) so I just wonder , is it possible the chest pain I experience is because of too much calcium in my body ?
    I’m 53 and have calves pain so I’m taking ‘calcium/MG/D’ liquid 1000mg everyday.

    • Hi Parvin,

      There is only a small amount of calcium in the Adrenal Rebuilder; it should not cause a reaction like that. The typical problem with calcium is the accumulation of it on the blood vessels. Sometimes, indigestion can be mistaken for cardiac pain. It could also be a reaction to the pork content. If you are experiencing regular chest pains, you should seek the immediate advice of your healthcare practitioner. Hope this helps,

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  37. Anna says:

    I have been on Medrol for the past eight months for adrenal fatigue. At most, I’ve taken 5 mgs daily and have slowly started to decrease the dose. Both my blood pressure and my blood glucose levels have gone up and I think that Medrol is to blame for that. My goal is to go wean off the Medrol completely and follow your programme. However, I am worried that my adrenals have shut down completely during the time I’ve been on Medrol, and that they might never fully recover? Do you think it would be safe for me to take your products and, if so, when is a good time to start taking them – after I’ve weaned off the Medrol or while I am still taking Medrol? Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hi Anna,

      We know of many people who are taking Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue supplements while on some form of hormone treatment. Typically, this is done under the advice and supervision of a healthcare practitioner. The same goes for weaning off of any type of hormone treatment. You may be able to take our supplements while on the Medrol, but your practitioner would know for sure. Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  38. Christey says:

    I have two questions:

    1. First, my allergies have recently become so severe that I develop sinus infections at least 4 times a year. I was living on antibiotics! I am currently taking allergy shots now but only recently discovered that adrenal fatigue may actually be a problem. I am waiting for my saliva test results now. If my adrenals are low, should I continue the shots or will they only lower my already non-existent immune system and harm my adrenals?

    2. Started taking Adrenal Stress End twice a day and almost immediately experienced pain in my adrenal area- below ribcage on back. It got worse the next day. Would you consider this to be part of the detoxification mentioned above or should I lower my dose, or wait until I get my saliva test results before taking anymore?

    • Hi Christey,

      Allergy shots cause antibodies (IgG) to be made against the allergen. These turn off the IgE cells that over-react, secreting histamine and causing allergic symptoms. The allergy shots actually prevent the allergic response from overreacting. Mounting a total allergic reaction is much more stressful on the body. The allergy shots should not interfere with your adrenal/stress response recovery.

      You should consult your practitioner about this – without a physical examination, full history, or running labs by a trained medical professional, it is difficult to say whether this is a result of taking the supplement, something else that happened or that you ingested near the same time, or if there is an underlying condition present. It could be a result of the detox, but without knowing if there is a kidney problem or otherwise, we can’t make a recommendation. I would suggest trying the supplement again, with plenty of water, and seeing if the symptom recurs, or trying a different brand of supplements after consulting with your practitioner.

      We hope this information helps!

      -Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  39. TJ Ahern says:

    I recently tried Armour thyroid, but after ten days, completely crashed and had major hyper symptoms and had to stop. Ever since I have stopped, I have been having major adrenaline surges that last hours long, so bad that I even went to the ER once. I have low iron and D levels also. I guess the thryoid meds made my adrenals completely crash (they were weak to begin with but nothing this bad!!!) and now I cant get through the day without major hypoglycmia attacks, shaking, bouts af adrenaline surges, and my eyes seem like I cant see well out of them…hard to explain. I wake up in the middle of the night, regardless od eating a hard boiled egg right before sleep to prevent hypoglycemia. Took saliva cortisol test, results are low. My chiropractor just put me on Isocort- the new plant formula- and I am taking the Rebuilder. Is this ok to do together??? I am so lost. Also can I take chromium picolinate for my low blood sugar? THANK YOU!

    • Hi TJ,

      There should not be any problems with taking Isocort and Adrenal Rebuilder together, though you can ask your healthcare professional to be sure based on your personal situation. Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  40. Nadia says:

    Hi I think I have adrenal fatigue. Iv had saliva tests and they were low. But when I went to the dr and had urine and blood tests they said my adrenals are normal. I was on thyroxine four years ago at a very high dose and experienced extreme anxiety on it for over a year. Now my body aches, feel tired all the time, mental fatigue, and stress in the chest for no reason and like a shortness of breath. Dose this sound like adrenal fatigue?? Also iv tried a couple adrenal supplements with ginseng etc in it feel great for the first few days then I get worse as in extremely stressed in the chest and feel down……it’s like I’m very sensitive to anything I try why could this be happening?…..and is your supplements over stimulating???? Please respond Thankyou kindly

  41. Alison says:

    I have moderate to severe Adrenal Fatigue and I have recently started taking the Adrenal Quartet. I have very high hopes for this program as it seems to have exactly what my body is in desperate need of. However, I have a sluggish liver as I would imagine most people do with this condition do. Therefore, I am quite frustrated with these impossible-to-digest horse pills. I desperately want to continue using your products as I can already feel some benefit. But, if I am not able to process them and my body is not able to utilize all the nutrients in these supplements, there is no point! I have terrible acid indigestion, am dizzy and have been severely fatigued (sleeping A LOT) since beginning these supplements. I only take 1 or 2 rounds of the supplements daily. I have gone through the detox or Herxheimer reaction many times over the years. I can differentiate between a Herx and when my liver is simply overtaxed! I do not understand how Dr. Wilson did not take this into consideration when formulating these supplements. I have seen few comments stating that breaking the pills up into pieces will help with this problem. Could this be the solution to my problem? Is it okay to grind up the supplements that are NOT time released into powder for easier absorption as well? I usually have success with powder and liquid supplements. I am wondering if my digestive system will get ever used to these supplements over time. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Alison,

      We can understand your frustration, but may be able to help. The Adrenal Rebuilder supplement can be ground up and taken as a powder. The Adrenal C and Super Adrenal Stress Formula, the two time release supplements, can also be broken up or ground, though the time release properties would be reduced/eliminated.
      Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  42. Melody says:

    Hi, is it normal to be sensitive to B vitamins with adrenal fatigue. They make me feel nervous and my heart beats fast. The B vitamins feel like they are making my adrenals pump out adrenaline. I also felt this way when I tried the Isocort product last year. Thanks!

    • Hi Melody,

      It varies by person, but B vitamin sensitivities are not unheard of. For this reason, some people have to take small daily amounts. Isocort contains cortisol, a hormone, which is different but can also cause a stimulated/racing feeling. Hope this helps – thanks for your question!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  43. monsie pickles, mrs says:

    I have had problems with adrenals of my life. No doctor helped. 1st Feb 2013, I followed the instructions to take a total 25mg hc which I thought it was too much. Because I have never taken prescription medications other than antibiotics when I had an infection, I had doubts about the amount recommended. I am 75 y.o. I felt better to start with, but after 5 to 7 days I started with insomnia. I have been reducing the dose. Today I am taking a total of 15mg hc 7am, 11am, 3pm and before bed. I hope I have done the right thing. I have not been on 25mg more than 8 or 9 days, when I started cutting down.

  44. Parvin says:

    It’s over 1 year that I’m using Dr. wilson quartet (except for the adrenal rebuilder that I can no longer tolerate). however I’m still gaining weight due to hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue I guess, I was wondering if I can use ‘coffee green beans’ for weight loss ? I heard it may aggrevate my adrenal fatigue. Is that true ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Parvin,

      As with anything other than regular diet and exercise that promotes weight loss, you should be careful. we do not recommend using green coffee beans for this purpose, but if you are considering them it would be best to check with a healthcare practitioner first. That aside, caffeinated foods and beverages can end up doing more harm than good in people with adrenal fatigue. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  45. Veronica says:

    HOLY GUACAMOLE! I started one caplet of each product yesterday and I feel awake and alive. My eyes are back to being awake looking and had the best night sleep last night. I cannot believe the difference already! I feel like my old self. This can only get better. My morning cortisol was the highest but not too terrible while the rest of the day was normal. I cannot believe the difference! THANK YOU. Wish I started this earlier in the year! Bless you!

  46. Veronica says:

    I also meant to say that I did not get the herbal formula as I am on Armour thyroid. Can I use the herbal with a thryoid med? I like your products because nothing creates estrogen in the body as breast cancer runs in my family and we could have the gene for it. I wanted to check about that too in terms of the herbal formula. THanks.

    • Hi Veronica,

      We aren’t aware of any contraindications between the Herbal Adrenal Support Formula and thyroid medications, though you should always check with the subscribing practitioner to be certain based on your needs. Some thyroid medications have special restrictions. Hope this helps!

      • Veronica says:

        Thank you. I am seeing my osteopath on Friday and will ask him. I can’t wait to tell him how good I have been feeling. This week I go up by one pill as I am noticing a drop in energy in the afternoons. My body loves these supplements. THANK YOU!!!!

  47. Janis Werner says:

    Is it ok to take the quartet if I am trying to get pregnant? I saw your earlier response in what to take (and not take) once I do get pregnant. However, is it ok to take the Herbal Adrenal Support Formula until I get a positive pregnancy test? Thanks!

  48. Douglas says:

    I’ve been taking Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Dynamite Powder for about a month now and while I feel much better on it, my hair is shedding two fold since starting it. I’m at a complete loss. I had similar problems while on L-Tyrosine and I think it might be the phenylalanine. My cortisol levels are becoming more normal and my thyroid is perfect! What could it be?! Could the phenylalanine be turning into too much adrenaline and stimulating my adrenals too much?

    • Hi Douglas,

      Phenylalanine won’t just “turn into” adrenaline without a signal to do so. Stress, however, is known to cause hair loss and can often show up 2 months after the stress. It could be that your body was unable to fully respond to the stress before the adrenals were supported. There are many things that can cause hair loss, including stress, thyroid disorders, genetics, other hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies, toxic reactions, etc. It’s hard to pinpoint a cause without seeing the whole picture. If you’re concerned, we recommend you see a physician. Often, hair loss is one of a number of symptoms that together give a more complete picture of what the origin might be. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations

      • Mark says:

        Hi, I’ve heard about starting adrenal glandulars and going into somewhat of a detox since all your bodily functions slow down when you have low cortisol and when they pick back up all these built up toxins are released. I was wondering if my hair loss could possibly be linked to these toxins putting too much stress on my adrenals? Just a thought.. And as far as detox goes, what are Dr. Wilson’s thought’s on coffee enemas? I’ve heard they are hard on adrenals and I’ve also heard they’re not, personally whenever I’ve done them I have had nothing but great results and felt no side effects associated with caffeine being systemically absorbed. Is there any evidence of them being bad or systemic absorption? Thanks!

  49. Melanie says:

    I’ve been using the Adrenal Rebuilder and have been getting great results, however, I see that it says to take one in the morning, afternoon, and at night. I was under the impression they shouldn’t be taken after a certain time, I’ve heard 2PM. Is it ok to take these at night? My previous glandulars kept me up all night if taken too late.

    • Hi Melanie,

      Many glandular extract-based supplements have varying levels of hormone content, as they are whole dessicated gland extracts. These hormones can certainly be stimulating to people and may not be best to take before bedtime. The glandular extracts in Adrenal Rebuilder are processed to remove hormones, leaving the nutrient-rich tissue but leaving behind the stimulants. For this reason Dr. Wilson recommends taking the Adrenal Rebuilder at night as well as during the day, because it can offer support overnight while the body is at rest. Give it a try and see how it works for you. Hope this helps – thanks for your question!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  50. susan murphy says:

    I read Dr. Wilson’s book and the questionnaire suggests I might have moderate to severe adrenal fatigue. With the beginning of perimenopause symptoms, the Chronic Fatigue syndrome symptoms have been much worse. Since I started perimenopause, I have had no noticeable adrenaline, even when it would be appropriate to have some. Cortisol tests have come back normal-high. Urine neurotransmitter tests show epinephrine as low. So, is this still considered adrenal fatigue as my adrenaline is low?

    • Hi Susan,
      We can’t say for certain if what you’re experiencing is adrenal fatigue, but we can say that people do experience it differently and hormone levels will vary. Adrenal fatigue means the adrenal glands are not functioning at the level they should, and the person is not in the more severe Addison’s or Cushing’s ends of the spectrum. Are you currently working with a practitioner? If not, they may be able to help guide you in the right direction. You can take search our database of practitioners here, if you’re interested (just enter state and click search): http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/find-a-healthcare-provider

      Hope this helps – thanks for your questions!
      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  51. Jessica says:

    I’ve been using Dr Wilson’s supplements for 5 months now and have not noticed any improvement in my symptoms yet. I use the glandular, drops, vit c and the other companion nutrients he recommends as well as pregnenolone and DHEA. I eat only vegetables and meat. with fiber 5 to 6 times a day. no sweets, no fruit, no bread, noodles, rice, potatoes or corn…very clean diet…
    I’ve done saliva testing and found that I have the sex hormones of an 80 year old women. I’m 30. I’m starting to think I need Cortef instead of herbs….any advice. I really do feel like im dying. I can barely function in my day…actualy i’m not doing much as far as functioning goes. there are a lot of days I can’t even cook for my children, they have to do it.
    any advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Have you been tested for Addison’s or Cushings? If not we recommend seeing a practitioner as soon as possible, as it sounds like you could be in a serious state. Depending on the condition and other body burdens, some people need more than lifestyle monitoring and supplementation. If you’re looking for a practitioner to consult with, you can check the database on our Find a Practitioner feature at adrenalfatigue.org. I hope this helps – thank you for your question!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  52. Becky says:

    Hi there, I am on thyroid medicine and have been taking isocort for a couple months. I just found out im 6 weeks pregnant and am wondering if the isocort is safe? I think I should stop taking it, but don’t know the best way to do that. I take 1 tablet, 2xs a day. I’m currently living overseas and don’t have the the best healthcare team right now and could use some help. Thanks!

    • Hi Becky,

      Isocort does contain cortisol, so we recommend being very cautious when taking the supplement while pregnant or nursing. We’d also like to note that Isocort has been discontinued and is no longer listed on the manufacturer’s website. If you wanted to ask them, their contact info can be found here: http://www.bezwecken.com/contact.php.
      In the meantime, we urge you to be on the safe side, and all the best during your pregnancy!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  53. Linda says:


    I’m 37 years old but mostly feel like 80!
    I been reading Dr. Wilsons book and am almost 100% sure, that I suffer from adrenal fatique due to a life full of stress and too many ‘hard times’. I’ve, for as long as I can remember been fatique, feeling dizzy, had headaches, and a feeling of ‘brainfog’ – and always in need of much sleep also duting daytime. The last 1,5 year I’ve also started to wake up every night between 2-4, tired but still resistent to go back to bed.
    I was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago and have been on Zoloft ever since – It saved my life basiclly! But still so fatique, that it often makes it difficult for me to function.
    I live a very healthy and over all a succesfull and good life, with good clean food, good job, loving family, but the fatique drains my quality of life.

    So my question is: Is it nessesary to be tested for Adrenal fatique or can I just give your products a try to see, if they have any effect on my condition?
    Is it safe to take combined with a SSRI product (zoloft)?

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Linda,

      It’s not necessary to be tested to take or benefit from the supplements. If adrenal fatigue is not your issue, the supplements won’t cause you harm. As far as taking the adrenal supplements with an SSRI medication: we know many people are able to do this, and it should not be an issue as far as contraindications go, but we like to tell people to double check with their physician just to be sure. If you have questions about the adrenal supplements, you can speak with our customer service team toll-free at 888-ADRENAL (237-3625). Thank you for writing–let us know if we can help further!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  54. Cheri says:

    I feel like I’m in a very awkward place on how to go about treating my adrenal fatigue. Advice on what protocol to follow would be much appreciated. The basics of my condition are:

    I will awake quite early in the morning and feel ok although not refreshed. Around an hour or so after breakfast I become severely fatigued and just want to lie down.
    I kind of recover after a while but still feel like I’m soldiering on, like I’ve lost my mojo.
    After my afternoon meal I again feel exhausted but will awaken and feel energised from 6pm onwards, once I feel tired enough to go to bed I get there and I just don’t sleep.

    I can actually feel (have done for a long time) my body being flooded with adrenaline whilst I’m trying to sleep, this makes me anxious, unable to sleep or wakes me with palpitations/ spasms in my chest. I’ve actually been to ER for the spasms and had every test they could give me to be told my heart was fine. This is a nightly occurrence.
    I often get what I call ‘hot feet’ at night which may be restless leg syndrome not sure, along with bad skin, hives, aching joints (like I have the flu), breathlessness, heavy chest.

    I’ve tried supplementing with calcium, magnesium and potassium but don’t seem to be getting the ratios right and probably making it worse…please help

    I just need some advice on how to treat myself whilst pregnant, doctors here in the UK are oblivious to this condition. I desperately don’t want to treat this for the sake of my unborn child.

    • Hi Cheri,

      That sounds like a rather challenging situation. We’re not able to help you directly with medical advice or consultations, but hope fully we can connect you with someone who can help you better. Have you been in touch with our U.K. partner, Nutri-Link? They have their own network of practitioners dealing with adrenal fatigue and related conditions. Given how you feel and your pregnancy, it’s best that you work with a professional directly to get where you need to be. Here’s Nurti-Link’s contact info if you don’t have it already:
      Phone – 8450 760 402
      Email – info@nutri-linkltd.co.uk

      Hope this helps – best of luck and we hope you’re able to quickly find the help you need.

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

  55. Cheri says:

    * Of course I meant I desperately DO want to treat this..thanking you in advance

  56. Sara says:


    I have read Dr. Wilson’s “21st Century Stress Syndrome” book, given to me by the holistic professional who has been treating me for the past 6 years for adrenal problems, among other things.

    I was very interested to see a mention of low-grade fevers on this page, because I have run a low-grade fever about 2/3 of the time for the past 10 months, and that’s not something that seems to be mentioned in relation to adrenal problems. After quite a number of blood tests and other medical tests and exams, with nothing conclusive, I just took a saliva test in which my cortisol levels confirmed our clinical findings that my adrenal function is tanking out again. I’ve not changed my adrenal supplementation/support at all in this time, so it doesn’t seem likely it’s the low-fever situation Dr. Wilson mentioned above.

    However, what I wanted to ask was if a prolonged low-grade fever COULD be a low adrenal function symptom (I had a low fever for several months when I was a young teenager and had a low-adrenal event— undiagnosed at the time, but looking back, it’s clearly at least a part of what happened then). Or if it’s more likely that the further problems with my adrenals this year are due to the stress on my body from dealing with this protracted period of low-grade fever?

    I also have had a slightly low WBC count, non-itchy neck rash, joint pain, and a couple other symptoms that started at the same time as the low fevers; but my bloodwork shows no sign of auto-immune markers, etc.

    Thanks for any thoughts anyone might have about low-grade fevers as part of adrenal fatigue.
    Best to everyone. Sara

  57. Fahimeh says:

    My friend lives in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) , I was wondering if there is any place that she can buy Adrenal rebuilder from ? Thanks.

  58. Nancy Hilsman says:

    I have adrenal fatigue & am not in a location that your site suggests a practitioner. I am therefore, very interested in this blog. (I also have his book). I’ve noticed the blog ends in 2013. Is there a continuance into 2014?
    Nancy Hilsman

  59. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    I am being treated with IVs for adrenal fatigue for 4 weeks (3 down so far) is it normal to have extreme highs and extreme lows, with the highs sometimes feeling like pounding adrenaline and anxiety? Just looking to see others experiencea

  60. This is excellent advice. So many people with adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances are very sensitive to supplements and hormone replacement therapy that introducing new items slowly and deliberately is a must. I have taken the “start low and go slow” approach for years. People who don’t feel well often want to start too many things at once to try and push their healing along faster, but often this backfires. As we know it took many years for people to get into their chronic state of poor health, it is not going to turn around overnight so keeping a slow and steady pace works out more effectively.

  61. Parvin says:

    Hello, I suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and have been using Dr. Wilson supplements regularly. But frequently I get sever calves muscle pains along with irregular hear beats , I’ve noticed that taking potassium supplements (100mg and sometimes up to 400mg per day) is very helpful with the pain and heart beats too however I see Dr. Wilson in his book recommends the adrenal fatigue patients staying away from the fruits with high potassium so I’m kind of confused if potassium is good or bad for the adrenal fatigue people. Please advise. Thanks a lot.

  62. Jann says:


    Can you take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Quartet in combination with DHEA or is this not the right way to go? And is het possible to also combine Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Quartet with DHEA/herbal cortisol booster or is this not recommended?

    In other ways: is it advised to also take DHEA/cortisol booster in combination with the Adrenal Quartet? Can you please elaborate about this since I searched so much but cannot find any information about taking Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Quartet in combination with DHEA/cortisol boosting supplement?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jann,

      It is often possible to take DHEA along with our supplements. Be careful of how much and what kinds you are taking. It is best to first check with your practitioner or pharmacist, to ensure you are taking what’s best for you. You are adding hormones to your body, which can be good, but everyone’s needs are different. Taking a hormone your body doesn’t need can have undesirable effects. Hope this helps–thanks for writing, and let us know if you have any further questions.

  63. Mags says:

    What a relief to find this blog. I have severe AF and after being on Dr Wilsons AF quartet for a fortnight I felt decidedly worse.. Just like the blog says- Low grade fever and a flu that isn’t eventuating, at least know I know it’s all a part of the detox and I can just relax now and let the healing continue

  64. This is precisely correct. I have long advised patients to “start low and go slow.” So many people with adrenal exhaustion and other disorders become more and more sensitive to environmental factors, foods, and supplements the more comprised their health is. It is always wise to start with low amounts and then build up overtime.

  65. Hillary says:

    Are there any plans for you guys to provide an adrenal vitamin that does NOT contain folic acid? Many of us with chronic illness have genetic detox issues (MTHFR) and cannot process folic acid. Methylfolate is needed. For this reason I cannot buy your quartet.

    • Hi Hilary,

      Thank you for writing. At this time, there is no plan to remove or replace the folic acid in the adrenal supplements. Currently, only one of the adrenal supplements contains folic acid: Super Adrenal Stress Formula. The Adrenal Rebuilder, Adrenal C Formula, and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula/Herbal HPA do not contain folic acid. I hope this helps-please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      • Michael says:

        How irresponsible to use folic acid instead of the universally useable methylfolate in your formula. Folic acid is actually harmful to people with MTHFR gene issues – thislarge group of people is not just a tiny portion of the population. Laypeople should not have to enlighten the highly paid MDs about this.

        • Hi Michael,

          It’s certainly not our intent to neglect or slight any group of people. We take feedback seriously, and yours has been passed on for consideration in future batches of the products that contain folic acid. Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if we can help with any further questions or concerns.

          • michelle says:

            I to have a MTHFR gene issue. do you have any plans to produce the super adrenal stress formula with methylfolate any time soon. will just taking the other 3 supplements help. Is there another supplement you can recommend to replace the super adrenal stress formula?
            thanks Michelle

          • Hi Michelle,

            I am not aware of any immediate plants, though we do consider all feedback. It is possible to have an alternative version in the future. Taking the other three adrenal supplements can certainly help. There’s nothing identical to the Super Adrenal Stress Formula, but there are other things you can take to fill in the gaps. A good quality B-complex using methylfolate could be a good addition, if you aren’t already taking one.

  66. Robin says:

    Hi team and fellow adrenal fatigue battlers. I won’t go into detail about symptoms as we all know the baffling and ever changing array that we experience. Living where I do, adrenal fatigue is not widely accepted and it took me 7 months to find a doctor who understood what was happening. My cortisol tests came back as pretty much a flat line, only reaching normality for 2 hours a day. I was diagnosed as severe AF. For me personally, the longest and most distressing symptom has been the constant waking at 3-3:30. Initially i would wake in a panic, but now I just wake and can’t sleep again. My doctor has put me on the Adrenal Quartet and I have purchased doctor Wilson’s book. I am feeling positive that I can finally begin to address this situation, but I have hit a snag. The first day I took the adrenal Quartet at the middle dosage my doctor recommended I felt like I’d been injected with adrenaline. By afternoon I became jumpy and I lay awake all night feeling jumpy, twitchy and “wired”. My doctor recommended some changes to the doses. On that day I took 2 rebuilders and 2 vitamin Cs once and felt normal. The following day I took 1 of each of the pills morning and lunch and started feeling jumpy again by 4pm. Again this continued throughout the night. It seems like something in the super stress formula doesn’t agree with me, but I know the formulas are designed to work together and people have said you need them all. What can I do to help get what I need to recover? I’m out of ideas.

    • Hi Robin,

      Some people find themselves sensitive to B vitamins, which make up a large part of the Super Adrenal Stress Formula. You can try taking one or even less (a half or third caplet) per day and see how you feel. Take it earlier in the day, in case it is interfering with your sleep. Many people can take Super Adrenal Stress Formula before bedtime with no issues, but not everyone can. If you’re not able to ask your physician, you can call our knowledgeable customer service team at 800-357-5027 for any troubleshooting and/or questions on the supplements. I hope this helps – please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for writing!

  67. mimsy says:

    I would like to know how long the fase may take of the worsening of the symptoms before the actual benefits of taking the hydrocortisone will kick in?
    I had to stop the intake for I became extremely ill and had more stress and responded worse on stress and was irritated and nervous while being depleted, so I stopped…hope to get an answer..thanks in advance. Mimsy

    • Hi Mimsy,

      Unfortunately we can’t advise on the use of hydrocortisone. It’s not something we supply or can advise on, as we’re not medical staff. Is this something that was prescribed by a physician or pharmacist? If so, your best bet would be to consult with them. I wish we could be of more help. If you need a referral to a practitioner in your area, we may be able to help.

  68. Tara says:


    I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with Hashimoto’s and suspected Adrenal Fatigue. Since the birth of my first child three years ago I have suffered from severe insomnia. I have been taking thryoid medication (T4/T3) for years and it seems as though I can no longer tolerate it – with any slight increases causing insomnia for days.

    The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy I was having the same insomnia symptoms with blood test indicating a need for increased dose of Thyroid medication. Any attempt to do so resulted in worse insomnia. Once I hit 20 weeks, I started sleeping and feeling very tired. I’m trying to increase my thyroid medication but am concerned what this will do to the fetus if I do have adrenal fatigue. If I understand correctly – you aren’t supposed to treat hypothyroidism if you have adrenal fatigue, but in pregnancy it is necessary to treat. I feel like I am in a lose lose situation. Please advise. Any advice or information at all would be a great help.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Tara,

      Thanks for writing. It sounds like you’re going through quite the time. Pregnancy is often a joyous occasion, but also an emotional and physical stress on the body. People with Hashimoto’s often need regular treatment, depending on the severity and level of reduced thyroid function. It’s typically recommended that pregnant women with Hashimoto’s take daily care of their thyroid, as hypothyroidism can cause difficulties with the pregnancy. Dr. Wilson states in his book that supporting the adrenals can support the thyroid, but it all depends on the situation. Some conditions, like Hashimoto’s, often require additional treatment, meaning simultaneous support of the adrenals and thyroid are best. Have you discussed this with your practitioner?

      • Tara says:

        Thank you for your response! I am just seeing it now. I have discussed these issues with my OBGYN, endocrinologist and integrative medical doctor and no one seems to have a solution for me. They all do not recommend taking anything for adrenal fatigue while I am pregnant but I am desperate for sleep and don’t know what else to do.

        What adrenal support do you recommend during pregnancy?

        Thank you again!


        • No problem Tara! For pregnant and nursing women, the Adrenal Rebuilder is often helpful. They may also be able to take Adrenal C and Super Adrenal Stress Formula, though in very small, metered amounts. As with anything, we recommend checking with your practitioner/pharmacist against anything you are currently taking while pregnant. As a precaution, we recommend not taking the Herbal Adrenal Support Formula while pregnant or nursing. Hope this helps!

          • Helen says:

            Hi – I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and having read your blog noticed your reply to Tara which is very relevant to me as I also have Hashimoto’s (I’m on very low dose thyroxine but even that makes me feel rotten whereas I felt fine before thyroxine) and am certain I have adrenal insufficiency or fatigue (I was diagnosed with a form of PTSD approximately 3 years ago and for 2 years averaged 2-3 hours sleep per night). My GP in England did a blood test re my adrenal health but it showed no problems, although I’ve read that it’s not a particularly effective way of diagnosing adrenal problems. I have the same dilemma as Tara re having to take thyroxine but obviously this is often contraindicated if a person has adrenal issues. I am considering buying your supplements via the Nutri-Link website and wondered, if I was to buy only one supplement, which you would recommend most please during pregnancy? My concern with the Super Adrenal Stress (even a low dose) is that it contains Vitamin A? Many thanks, your blog and website have been a huge support.

          • Hi Helen,

            Thank you for writing, and for your kind words. We’re very happy to be of help. The Adrenal Rebuilder is the cornerstone supplement in Dr. Wilson’s protocol, so we typically recommend it if someone is looking to start with one. In your situation, we’d also recommend the Adrenal Rebuilder. You may be able to take the Super Adrenal Stress Formula and Adrenal C Formula while pregnant, but in smaller amounts. The Adrenal Rebuilder is typically safe to take as directed. As with anything, you can double check with your GP to be sure. Hope this helps – let us know if you have any further questions!

  69. charles wilhelm says:

    Hello Dr. Wilson,

    I’m glad I found this web sight. I am a 69yr. male, and have essential thrombocythemia ( high platelets ).
    for seven years now, which I take hydroxyurea. This disease and the medication, has been starting
    to cause me to age, somewhat faster. recently, I found some pharmacy grade Pregnenolone (25mg.)
    capsules. I have been opening the capsules and putting a small amount under my tonge. I’ve been feeling less irratated and sleeping better, but after one week I’m feeling flu like, and like I have a slight temp.,but my temp is normal. My dr. is skeptical, and said people taking hormones have a higher cancer risk. I would appreciate your thoughts. Respectfully, Charles

    • Hi Charles,

      Unfortunately, Dr. Wilson is unable to directly reply to your questions here, but we may be able to help with some of your question. Some people find that taking supplemental hormones can be helpful, but you have to be careful with the types and amounts you are taking. Was the pregnenolone advised by a pharmacist or healthcare practitioner? Have you had your hormone levels checked to see what your body is naturally producing? These are important factors to consider before taking supplemental hormones.

  70. ns says:

    hi. does anyone know can u use adrenal support drops with Cipralex under 5mg?

  71. c marie says:

    I’ve been on Dr Wilson’s formulas since the beginning of the year and noticed improvement. Most recently I’m starting to sleep better. This past week palpitations started. I started the program slow then went to moderate and then severe doses. Now I’ve backed it down to the low dose.
    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid and hashis, I took myself off synthroid because it was making me worse than better. I went off about a couple of weeks after starting Dr. Wilson’s protocol.
    I’m at a loss for what to do next to relieve this feeling.

    • Hi C Marie,

      Did you speak with your practitioner before or after stopping the Synthroid? Stopping hormonal treatments cold turkey, regardless how they make you feel, could have adverse affects. Some cases of hypothyroidism require long-term hormonal treatments. It may be an issue of dosage and type. Which of Dr. Wilson’s supplements are you taking?

  72. Veronica Adams says:

    Q 1: What do you think of Himalya brand Stress Care – Energy and Adrenal Support?
    I bought it and started taking it along with their LiverCare product a couple of days ago before I came across this site. (I assume you don’t think these products are inferior to the point that I should stop taking them and buy yours instead?)
    I’m also taking B-complex, C, Panothenic acid, and L-Tryosine, all of which are recommended in “Prescription for Natural Health.”

    Q 2: Is is ok for me to do a 5-10 day juice fast taking these supplements?

    Thank you.

  73. Kristin says:

    Have had adrenal fatigue for several years and have now a severe form – laying in bed, must be feeded and can hardly talk. Started taking the Adrenal Quartet yesterday and experience very positive respons already today. I wonder if it is recommendable to take cortef/hydrocortisol in order to shorten the fatigue period?

    • Hi Kristin,

      We’re very happy to hear you’re experiencing benefits from the Adrenal Quartet. It is possible to take hormonal treatments alongside the supplements, though it is usually best done with a practitioner. This can ensure you’re taking the right kind of hormone(s), and in the amounts proper for you.

  74. sera says:

    Hi, im been using adrenal rebuilder for 3,5weeks, 6 capsules a day, made very anxious and i feel bad, sinus infections. what should i do?

    • Hi Sera,

      It is possible you are taking too much for your body at the moment. Did you start out taking 6 per day? We’re not sure about the sinus infections, as there’s nothing in the supplements that should cause this. Have you started taking anything else? Stopped taking anything? Please feel free to contact our customer service team at 888-237-3625 (520-748-0388 for intl.) or at customerservice@adrenalfatigue.org so we may better help troubleshoot your situation and get some more information from you.

  75. Kim says:

    I was using the EC Stack while exercising. It depleted my adrenals. I also hit menopause and started DIM plus and Progest cream andt now Im taking glandulars the past two weeks due to fatigue that just wont go away so I stopped the EC Stack and just blew up with weight (10 lbs)and bloating? I thought fixing the adrenals, thyroid etc was supposed to help. I feel much better without aches and pains and have energy but Im gaining weight not losing it? Im tempted to take both the EC Stack and the glandulars. Im suddenly starving all the time when I wasnt in my past. Im eating rabbit food so not to gain weight and yet Im gaining anyway. Im lost. But at least Im not in pain anymore.

    • Hi Kim,

      Those are some good questions. If you’re dealing with any level of adrenal fatigue, you must be careful with any stimulants. These EC stacks could be adding to the problem. You should also be careful with any and all hormones you’re adding to your body, whether it be in the form of a glandular extract or hormonal supplement. Are you currently working with a practitioner?

  76. Luca says:

    Hi, I’m using the adrenal rebuilder, as soon as I arrived I immediately started taking 6 a day and for the first two weeks was great my body temperature had risen so much and I felt fine after two weeks as if I developed a tolerance and I’m coming back with the symptoms, then I stopped for a week and I start over, like two weeks before the big but then I go back to the original situation. I become tolerant as ever?

    • Hi Luca,

      I’m not sure I understand your question completely, but I will do my best. When starting this supplement, or any of Dr. Wilson’s adrenal support supplements, we recommend starting low and going slow. This just means starting out at the lowest protocol (mild, 3 per day) and going from there. For some this will be enough, but others will find they benefit from slowly working up to the moderate and severe protocols (4-6 per day). It’s also suggested to take the Adrenal Rebuilder consistently for at least three months. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken the supplements, but did fine with taking 6 caplets per day, you may be able to start at this dosage again without building back up. I hope this helps. Please let me know if I misunderstood your question, or if you have any further questions.

      • Luca says:

        ok, thanks also since I tolerate the product very well, if I take more than 6 per day quickened repair adrenal? Up to how many capsules a day I get a benefit?

        • Hi Luca,
          Six caplets per day is our maximum recommended dosage, and is what Dr. Wilson recommends to those following the severe protocol. You can certainly benefit from taking 6 per day or less, depending on your needs and your body’s tolerance.

  77. Lana says:


    I took my first Adrenal Rebuilder yesterday morning on an empty stomach. I chewed it as I had read this would make it more effective. I began feeling anxious, jittery and very hungry a few hours after taking it. This agitated feeling wore off a few hours later and I felt good. That evening I got very tired and needed to go to bed early. I woke up tired and have been extremely tired all day today. This is not usual for me.
    The reason I am trying Adrenal Rebuilder is due to the fact that I have sub-clinical hypothyroidism but was unable to take thyroid hormone. As my cortisol is high, my Dr. suggested that I tend to my adrenals first before trying thyroid hormone again. Also of note, my blood pressure is much lower today and yesterday since taking the Adrenal Rebuilder. I have not taken any more pills. I’m wondering if you can explain this reaction?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lana,

      Thanks for writing. Chewing is an acceptable way to take the Adrenal Rebuilder, but is not necessarily a more effective way to take it, unless you have difficulty swallowing the caplets. As for the reaction: have you stopped/started any other supplements or medications along with the Adrenal Rebuilder? The supplement is processed to remove hormones, so it’s meant to act as a stimulating agent like a hormonal treatment could. Did you eat shortly before or after taking the supplement?
      This supplement is meant for adrenal support, though sometimes by supporting the adrenals you can support the thyroid. In some conditions, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, additional thyroid support is required. Did you start with just the one caplet and experienced this reaction? You can reply here, or call our customer service team at 800-357-5027 for further support. I hope this helps!

  78. Adam says:

    Hello, I have ordered the adrenal quartet and have been taking it for about two weeks now. The first week I felt amazing. I noticed a lot of my symptoms were easing up. I am now on the second week and I feel like I have the flu. I feel week and tired all the time. I’m guessing this is part of my body eliminating the toxins that I’ve accumulated during the 7 years I’ve had adrenal fatigue. My question is should I take a higher dosing of the pills at this time or just take the starting amount as indicated on the bottle? Thank you for your time

  79. Jennifer says:

    If supplements at a low dose are making me feel a little stimulated along with some mild anxiety, should I continue to take them? Thanks

  80. April says:

    I’m planning on starting the Adrenal Rebuilder soon and was wondering, given what you say about detox effects, if it’s wise to do it at all. I’m on a variety of allergy and asthma medications – wouldn’t it constantly be detoxing with chemicals in my body 24/7?

  81. Sam says:

    I have just started taking the adrenal quartet (mild dosage) and since I started taking it I have been experiencing terrible reflux/heartburn. Is this a common or known side effect? And if so will it settle down? I haven’t ruled out that the heartburn could be coincidental but it does seem an odd coincidence as it arrived the evening of the day I started taking the supplements. Should I stop the supplements and wait til the heartburn settles down or keep going and see what happens?

    • Hi Sam,

      Heartburn is not a common side effect of the supplements in the Adrenal Fatigue Quartet. You could try a process of elimination, where you take only one of the supplements at a time to see if you can pinpoint if one or more of the supplements is causing this side effect. Has anything else changed in what you are taking, or perhaps in your diet? There are many potential causes of heartburn, and sometimes it can be hard to say at first what the culprit is.

  82. Vanessa says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and was put on supplements by my nathuopath, I started feeling better. I shortly after got pregnant and was told to stop all supplements. I’m really suffering especially at night with insomnia. Can you please help? Seems like no body has answers when pregnant.

  83. Claire b says:

    Has anyone gained weight on nutri adrenal supplements? I am taking one a day having been diagnosed with moderate to severe adrenal fatigue. On the whole I feel much better a week into treatment – sleeping better, less fatigued, constipation sorted. However, I’m craving foods I would never usually touch – white bread, biscuits, chocolate. My diet is usually very healthy but it’s taken a nose dive and what’s more I seem hungry all the time and never full! What’s going on?!

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